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Success Stories

Olga’s Story

Olga’s StoryA stint in Oz and the sudden loss of a family member took its toll on Olga’s health and fitness and left her feeling tired and not herself…


Pamela’s Story

Pamela’s StoryPamela had been attempting to get rid of unwanted body fat for most of her life. She had moderate success preparing for her wedding in 2012 and after the birth of her son, James, in May 2013…



Róisín’s Story

Róisín’s StoryWhen Róisín uttered the words ‘I’d really like to get fit again’ in front of me it may have been the sorriest thing she ever said. Róisín was 6 weeks post pregnancy, having given birth to her beautiful baby Conor in January 2015…


Marian’s Story

Marian’s StoryWhen she got engaged in 2014 she decided that she really wanted to lose the extra few pounds. Even after her big weight loss there were still areas of her body that she wasn’t confident about. She wanted to tone up and feel amazing…



Caroline’s Story

Caroline’s StoryThe following story of my time helping Caroline to achieve the body that she wanted is one that inspired me to consider starting online fitness courses. Caroline, like many women out there, knew she had the commitment to do…


Louise’s Story

Louise’s StoryLouise’s amazing story is one that inspired me to design an online fitness course for new mothers that they could do in their own time and in their own homes. She started in my bootcamp classes in June 2013 having previously…