At this time of the year us ladies are all about our arms, not necessarily because we’ll get to show them off to any great extent in Ireland with our unpredictable weather, but there will be the odd wedding and hopefully a holiday thrown in too.

I’m all about being able to exercise any time, any place with limited or no equipment. In this video clip I have given two exercises that require external weight and two which only require your body weight. For the two that require external weight I have given three options for you to use at home. The first being a kettlebell or dumbbell (mine is 8kg but use what suits you), the second being your baby (mine was not co-operating and anyway he’s getting too bloody heavy for me) and thirdly an old handbag filled with any heavy stuff you can find around the house. I do a lot of bodyweight and dynaband exercises when working my arms as they can get bulky very quickly and that’s just personally not the look I like for myself. I’ll do a dynaband post soon.

I would usually do 10-15 repetitions of each of these exercises and do 3-4 sets.

Upright Row

PullupsFrankie Pullups
Handbag Pullups

– Works your shoulders and front of upper arms.
– Perform slowly and with control.
– Keep your core strong (bellybutton to spine, pelvic floor lifted) throughout.

Single Arm Row

KB Row

– Works the side of your upper back, front of your upper arm and back of your shoulder.
– Again slow and controlled and try to tense the muscles in your arm at the top of the row.
– Keep your elbow in close to your rib cage as you slide past it.

Press Up

Press Ups

– Works your chest, the back of your upper arms and the front of your shoulders
– Be sure that you aren’t dropping your mid-section when lowering – if so drop down to the modified version on your knees.
– Lower slowly and to a right angle at your elbow and return to top a little faster.

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips

– Works the chest, back of your upper arms and front of your shoulders
– Hard version – extend legs so that you are balancing on your heels
– Easy version – bend knees at 90 degrees
– Dip slowly, lift a little faster

Have a look at the video link below to see these exercises in motion.