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Olga’s Story




Olga Nolan Measurements

I know what you’re thinking when you look at the before picture in this story, ‘sure she has nothing to lose!’ but a stint in Oz and the sudden loss of a family member took its toll on Olga’s health and fitness and left her feeling tired and not herself.  She’s not the type of woman to sit around and let something bother her so she was one of the first to sign up for my 12 week online course.

Tough Stuff

While it’s always hard to change your habits and lose body fat it gets even more complicated when you haven’t much to lose because you have to push yourself that little bit harder. You don’t see results as quickly or as obviously as you would when you have a lot to lose and it can get disheartening at times but Olga stuck with it and it paid off for her. There’s rarely a weekend that her crew of friends don’t have a night out planned but she stayed focused and chose the ones that were really worth it instead of trying to do it all at the expense of her goals.

Beach Body

Mid way through the course she also found out she was going to be taking a trip back to Oz in January so this motivated her even further. (If you’ve been down any Ozzie beach you’ll know the pressure!). She was famous for her ‘fakeaways’ during the course and definitely my best Snapchat communicator. No doubt she’ll be turning heads in Oz and who knows I could be preparing her for a big day in the not-so-distant future.


Pamela’s Success Story

Pamela BeforePamela After

Pamela Phelan Measurements

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that my advice is to stay active and eat a balanced, healthy diet during pregnancy to avoid putting on unwanted and unnecessary body fat. However that’s easier said than done for a lot of women and it’s also hard if you’ve already been battling with your body prior to becoming pregnant as had the lovely lady in this success story. Pamela had been attempting to get rid of unwanted body fat for most of her life. She had moderate success preparing for her wedding in 2012 and after the birth of her son, James, in May 2013 but after having her third child, Emma, in May 2015 she found herself piling it on again.

Back To Work

My 12 week online course came just in the nick of time for her in September 2015 as she had just three months of maternity leave left. Pamela really embodied what this course is all about and the type of woman it’s designed for. With two small babies on the go she couldn’t be accused of having much time to spare but every day she took whatever opportunities she could get to do her workout and prepare her food. Like me, her workouts often involved keeping her babies entertained and she found plenty of clever ways to do that. She kept me updated and was a regular contributor to our online support group too. In addition to following my course she took to the roads with her double buggy, rain or shine, and she has now started running too which is something she could never have imagined herself doing.

Real Life

Also like me Pamela likes her meals and nights out. This course suited her because it allows for real life. She always stuck to the plan during a week leading up to a night out, then she went off and enjoyed herself and was back to it again at the start of the new week. I could really see it all clicking into place for her on this course. She got why she had to prepare meals and eat healthily for the majority of the time and she’s been able to stay motivated because she could have her nights out too. She admitted that she lacked proper knowledge about what foods were good and bad for her. She had been guilty of not eating enough during the day and then binging on the bad stuff at night. The course helped her to regulate her eating and now she eats every three hours and has learned some great go-to snacks to keep her satisfied. She’s back to work but is continuing her healthy way of living and is joining me on the No Nonsense New Year course to continue her journey. She has told me how good she feels in herself since making all of these changes and as you can see she’s looking good too!


Choose Joy

Pink Christmas

It was really hard to get out of bed this morning wasn’t it?

It’s so cold and you’ve more than likely had a busy weekend whether it was partying, decorating the house, shopping for presents or all of those things. It only gets crazier from her on in so here are my three tips for getting through the Christmas madness without losing your joy.


Don’t mistake busy for active. Unless you are sprinting up the escalator ten times in a shopping centre you are not exercising my friend. Loook ahead each week and pencil in when you will get to exercise because the days just get away from us at this time of year and next thing you know it’s been a fortnight since you’ve done anything for your body. Sure you’re plans to exercise may not always work out but there’s a better chance that they will if you’ve at least considered them. Some days you might get a good 30 minutes+ in and others it might just be a brisk walk with the dog. Whatever it is it’s better than none at all.


Decide which parties are worth being bold for and which aren’t. A big catchup with the girls over a nice dinner might be worth it but would the pub grub at the cheapo office party really be? By all means accept the mince pies you’re offered when visiting family but there’s no need to keep a constant supply of Quality Street in your own house for the next four weeks. A little balance will serve you well.


Lower your expectations. The picture in your head of how it’s suppsed to be, how you’re supposed to look, what your mother-in-law is supposed to say, what your child is NOT suppsed to say. You have very little control over how it will all go so go with the flow instead and you’ll feel less stressed and anxious if it doesn’t fit the picture you normally have in your head.

And if all else fails you can always join me on my No Nonsense New Year 12 week online course to repair the damage! More details here.


Home Fitness – Top 3 Pieces of Equipment

It’s been a busy few weeks for me as I’ve been setting up my new online fitness course. It kicked off this week and I have a lovely dedicated crew on board. As well as a balanced diet plan, each week I send them exercise sessions that they can do both in the gym and at home, depending on their preference. While all of the workouts can be done without equipment I have advised them to purchase a few small pieces to help them achieve better results. I decided to share on the blog some of these pieces so that people can see how it’s possible to get fit without spending lots of money or wasting time travelling. As the winter months approach getting outdoors can get harder also. You can spend as little or as much as you want when it comes to home equipment but the suggestions below aren’t very expensive and generally stocked in most big towns as well as online. See the video below for examples of exercises you can do with each piece.

Exercise Mat

Pink Mat

A good, thick exercise mat will never go to waste (not like a big awkward stability ball – anyone else have one of those in the corner of their room doing NOTHING?!). While you can usually pick up a thin mat for next to nothing you’ll pay for it in discomfort. The mat I’m using in the video above is from Physioneeds and costs approximately €50 but you’d nearly sleep on it it’s that comfortable. Similar can be found in Argos but Physioneeds are very fast with delivery. As you can see from the video clip you can pretty much use your mat for anything whether you’re looking to do cardio or resistance exercises.


Pink Dynaband

Untied this is a great piece for arms, shoulders and upper back for both strengthening and stretching. To help work your legs you can tie it up and use in various ways including as shown in the video. I get my dynabands from McSport but locally you can usually get them in the likes of Elverys, TKMaxx or Argos for less than €10. This is also a great little piece of equipment to pack if you’re going be travelling.



This is a very small but versatile piece of equipment which you can see from my video. I have a variety of weights but would use the 8 and 12kg’s most often. I use mine for both cardio and resistance exercise. I get my kettlebells from D8 Fitness in Dublin. Most sports shops supply them now too. Generally the fitness equipment suppliers will be a little cheaper than the sports stores. The average price of an 8kg kettlebell is €30.

You can spend lots of money on machines like a treadmill, stationary bike or crosstrainer but they aren’t necessary as you will see from my videos and I would only advise buying one if you are certain that you will use it and not have it become a clothes horse as often happens. If you’d like to get more information on my next online fitness course please go here and leave your details.

Hope you found this helpful!



Leading a fit and healthy life can sometimes be challenging. There is so much information out there it can be hard to tell what’s what. This site is here to help you lead a fit and healthy life in a world that has over-complicated what should be a very simple and enjoyable way of living. Balance is the key to everything in life and Fit with Bríd can help you to bring balance back to your health and fitness.

Meet Bríd to find out more about her experience of:

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Visit Bríd’s Blogs to read about all things fitness including exercise, food, fit fashion and lots more. She gives advice and tips on maintaining a balanced diet and exercise routine throughout the most important stages of your life. Pregnancy fitness is her big area of interest as well as helping brides-to-be to feel 100% satisfied with their bodies on their big day.

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Read the stories of women whom Bríd has helped to get fit and healthy. Some were brides-to-be, some new mothers and some just looking for structure and guidance in how to feel happy with their health and fitness again. Some have worked with Bríd in person and others have taken part in her online fitness courses which are specifically designed for results. Bríd researches and lives everything that she instructs and also gets up-to-date and accurate advice from sources such as a doctor, physiotherapist and nutritionist.

Online Courses

Bríd recognises that there are a lot of people who want to get fit and healthy but are limited by time and location. She has designed a 6 week online fitness course for the general public, brides-to-be and post pregnancy mothers. The course caters for all fitness levels and is simple to follow. Click here to find out more.


Bríd McGill

Hi, I’m Bríd McGill, owner of Fit with Bríd. I’m a qualified fitness instructor and have been running my own fitness business for the past 8 years, instructing both group fitness classes and one to one personal training.

I began studying health and fitness through the NCEF in 2007 and gained my Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness. I continued to study over the past 8 years and am now qualified as a Personal Trainer and have a Pilates certification. I have also studied Pre and Post Pregnancy Fitness. This year I completed my Diploma in Exercise & Health Fitness and in September I will continue my studies, hopefully resulting in a Degree in 2016.

My work has brought me in contact with so many wonderful women and I’ve had the pleasure of helping them reach their health and fitness goals. I love to hear their stories and have shared in many of their most important events in life like getting married and having babies.

Bríd and Dermot

I got married to Dermot in March 2013 and set myself the challenge of being in the best shape I had ever been in for my wedding dress. I think it’s so important to have no regrets when you look back at your big day. I loved every minute of organising my wedding and was so glad that I gave it 100%. I’m excited to blog about all things wedding and fitness.

I had my first baby , Frankie, in July 2014. I continued to exercise throughout my pregnancy and had a lovely pregnancy experience with no complications. Throughout my pregnancy and also my studies I have researched pregnancy fitness and love to share what I learn with other pregnant women and instructors.

Making time to exercise and eat a balanced diet when you have a new baby is hard. It’s even more challenging when you have more than one child. I have found, and continue to search for, different ways to fit in quick workouts and healthy meal preparation. Through Fit with Bríd I hope to share some of these with you.


I have always loved reading other people’s blogs and have had friends and family tell me that I should write my own. People are always commenting on how I manage to balance my fitness and diet with a busy life. I have always believed that moderation is the key to everything and I don’t believe in fads or gimmicks. In the past few years I’ve seen a trend in the over-complication of keeping fit and eating healthy and that needn’t be the case.

For the past couple of years I have been considering setting up online fitness courses. There are a few reasons why I felt I should do this. Firstly I was noticing how regular clients at my classes would often have to quit coming out in the evenings after they started their families. There was just too much going on and their fitness was what suffered.

Secondly my own time became scarce as I tried to juggle looking after my son, studying and my business. I had to stop personal training to allow me to manage it all. I would get regular requests from women looking for personal training, often for their upcoming wedding or another big event, and I would have to say no. Some would ask if there was even a plan I could give them that they could do themselves and that got me thinking.

I’m very lucky to be able to say that I love exercise and eating a balanced diet. I’m not an athlete, a body builder or anything to the extreme. I’m just living a healthy life for myself and for my family and trying to help others to do the same as I go.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find it helpful and if you’re joining me on the online fitness courses well I promise if you give it your all you won’t be sorry!

Bríd x

Bríd McGill

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