Frequently Asked Questions

6-Week Online Balanced Body Plan

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How do I access the course?

Once you have received your username and password from us via email you can login from the Members Login page which is located in the Online Courses section of the main navigation menu. Please note that you may not able to login until the course start date.

You can access all the course material from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Material includes video demonstrations and PDF guides.

The written material will be available to download but the videos are available to view on our website only and may not be downloaded under any circumstances.

We recommend a minimum broadband speed of 3Mb/s for video streaming. You may not be able to view the videos with slower broadband connections however you can still do the workouts using the PDF guides.

if you would like to view one of our videos to test your broadband connection and find out more about device compatibility please see our Help & Support page.

How soon after childbirth can I start?

General guidelines state 6 weeks for a standard birth and 12 weeks for a caesarean birth but for this course you must have received your post-birth clearance from your doctor to resume exercising.

Is this course suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes definitely. Easier and harder options are provided for each exercise. The workouts progress in intensity each week but if you find that you are struggling with a new week you can chose to do a workout session from a previous week instead.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Normally participants start to notice significant results by week 6 if they follow the course meticulously. Results vary from inch loss to increased energy, improved sleep, and general improved feelings of wellbeing.

I have an occasion on during the course. How will this affect me?

The nutritional guidelines allow for real life. When an occasion arises you prepare by making sure you follow the exercise advice and nutritional guidelines precisely.

Is the food included in the nutritional guidelines expensive?

In the preparation week you may have to purchase some items such as nuts which are expensive but you will generally use these things over a number of weeks and not have to buy weekly. Otherwise your shopping bill should not be affected and as you will be sticking to a plan you should find you have less wasted food.

I’m currently breastfeeding, is the course suitable for me?

Yes. The nutritional element of the course is not a diet as such but rather a healthy eating plan. You may increase your intake should you find that you are lacking in energy or milk and you are also encouraged to discuss this with me privately if you wish.

How is this course different from the 6-Week Online Slim-Down?

There are 6 new meal plans including new recipes for snacks and meals. Changes have also been made to the video format so that it is now more simple to follow and shorter in duration.

I’m currently a member of a slimmers group. Will I still achieve results if I follow the exercise element of the course in conjunction with their nutritional guidelines?

While they cannot be guaranteed when you follow different guidelines, previous participants have done this and still achieved significant results.