6-Week Online Slim-down

Happiness is your Perfect Body…..right?

1 Week Post-Pregnancy

4 Months Post-Pregnancy

Every morning, since reaching my pre-pregnancy bodyweight and measurements, I jump out of bed and slip into my skinny jeans then skip down the stairs with my two little babes in tow ready to take on the day. Because my life is pretty perfect now….

Oh if only it were that simple. Reaching the size, weight or measurements that you consider to be your ideal does not result in instant happiness. Kids still get sick, bills still need to be paid, you still throw a child at your other half the minute he walks in the front door (and remember to say hello to each other about an hour later) and basically the world keeps spinning exactly as it did. But I will admit that, for me, the process of getting to this point has made me happier in myself. Maybe that’s because I don’t deprive myself food-wise (nor do I encourage any of my online participants to do so) or maybe it’s because I enjoy taking the time for myself that exercise and healthy eating require. If you’ve been following my post-pregnancy progress you’ll know that I started off on my 6-week online post-pregnancy plan and then went to on to do my 6-week online slim-down. I’ve also been doing a lot of other things since Jodie was born to help me feel good including yoga, meditation, therapy and just generally taking it a bit easier (which is NOT always easy for me).

Jodie’s Christening

It’s ok to want to get back to your pre-baby size, weight or shape but it’s not easy and it’s not for everybody as some new mothers just can’t be bothered and guess what? THAT’S OK TOO! There were days when I wondered if I was putting too much pressure on myself but when it comes to losing body fat I like to get it done, move on and not have it be something that I spend valuable time, energy or brain cells on. There are more important things in life.

Spending time with my babies is more important than worrying about my weight

After watching and hosting the fantastic film Embrace (which I did a vlog about previously), I almost decided not to do this post. So many women are at war with their bodies, believing that if they could make it look a certain way they would be happy. I hate the idea that me or my business would ever contribute to those feelings. But while that film exists to encourage women to love themselves no matter what (and I agree wholeheartedly with this) my business exists is to make it possible for every woman to look after her health and fitness no matter how busy her life is. It’s a strange concept for some women to get their head around but you can learn to accept yourself as you are while still wanting to look after yourself in a way that might bring about positive change.

If you’d like to learn more about my online courses or sign-up and join a great community of women already making positive changes to their lives then head over here.

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6-Week Online Slim-Down

Are you a busy woman with no time to waste who wants to get in shape?

A bride-to-be who wants to feel fantastic on the most important day of your life?
Sales open on 26th March 2018 and the course starts on the Monday 9th April 2018. The course content will become available to members on Wednesday 4th of April in order to allow you time to get prepared.

We have a limited number of places on this course for a special 1/2 half price rate of €57.50.

Work through the course content at your own pace at a time that suits you, whether at home, at work, or even “on the go”.

Please review the following information carefully. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Online Course Info

All information you provide to us is securely maintained and is kept strictly confidential. You can view our privacy policy here.

What does the course include?

Weekly Meal Plans

Detailed, weekly meal plans full of quick, easy-to-prepare meals and snacks are included as well as a full shopping list for each.

My easy to follow meal plans and nutritional advice will help you to make better choices. The plans include real, healthy foods with an emphasis on low GI carbohydrates, lean protein sources, fruit & vegetables as well as good fats. Moderation is encouraged and nothing is banned completely.

Weekly Exercise Videos

- Weekly, full-length exercise videos to follow which include cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility exercises. Each workout session is approximately 30-35 minutes in duration (can be made shorter or longer if necessary).

The post-pregnancy body is taken into consideration throughout the plan and it is suitable for all fitness levels. All workouts can be done at home (or in the gym if preferred). The following equipment is needed:

- Exercise Mat
- Resistance Band (of low-medium strength)
- Dumbbell or Kettlebell (5-10kg sufficient)

Private Support Group

All participants are invited to join the private Facebook support group where they can ask any questions they may have as well as connect with other members.

This has proven to be one of the most important elements of my online courses as it allows people to interact, motivate each other and share their experience.

Meal Plans & Videos can be viewed on all devices

6-Week Online Post-Pregnancy Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

6-Week Online Slim-Down

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How do I access the course?

Once you have received your username and password from us via email you can login from the Members Login page which is located in the Online Courses section of the main navigation menu. Please note that you may not able to login until the course start date.

You can access all the course material from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Material includes video demonstrations and PDF guides.

The written material will be available to download but the videos are available to view on our website only and may not be downloaded under any circumstances.

We recommend a minimum broadband speed of 3Mb/s for video streaming. You may not be able to view the videos with slower broadband connections however you can still do the workouts using the PDF guides.

if you would like to view one of our videos to test your broadband connection and find out more about device compatibility please see our Help & Support page.

How soon after childbirth can I start?

General guidelines state 6 weeks for a standard birth and 12 weeks for a caesarean birth but for this course you must have received your post-birth clearance from your doctor to resume exercising.

Is this course suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes definitely. Easier and harder options are provided for each exercise. The workouts progress in intensity each week but if you find that you are struggling with a new week you can chose to do a workout session from a previous week instead.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Normally participants start to notice significant results by week 6 if they follow the course meticulously. Results vary from inch loss to increased energy, improved sleep, and general improved feelings of wellbeing.

I have an occasion on during the course. How will this affect me?

The nutritional guidelines allow for real life. When an occasion arises you prepare by making sure you follow the exercise advice and nutritional guidelines precisely.

Is the food included in the nutritional guidelines expensive?

In the preparation week you may have to purchase some items such as nuts which are expensive but you will generally use these things over a number of weeks and not have to buy weekly. Otherwise your shopping bill should not be affected and as you will be sticking to a plan you should find you have less wasted food.

I’m currently breastfeeding, is the course suitable for me?

Yes. The nutritional element of the course is not a diet as such but rather a healthy eating plan. You may increase your intake should you find that you are lacking in energy or milk and you are also encouraged to discuss this with me privately if you wish.

I’m currently a member of a slimmers group. Will I still achieve results if I follow the exercise element of the course in conjunction with their nutritional guidelines?

While they cannot be guaranteed when you follow different guidelines, previous particiapnts have done this and still achieved significant results.