Tina's Measurements

Some people are too modest for their own good and Tina is definitely one of those people. If I ever achieved the kind of results that she has I would shout it from the rooftops but that’s just not her way. Instead she very quietly informed me each month of her steady progress and then sent me these final figures at the end of our last week of the course. I love my online courses and have so much faith in their ability to change peoples lives in a major way but it still thrills me to see one of my ladies achieve this much loss. And I was even more delighted for Tina as she is a vegetarian and so faces some additional challenges when it comes to making healthy food choices.

By her own admission Tina was stuck in a rut. Her downfall prior to coming on the course were her portion sizes and the fact that she was eating too many carbohydrates. She wasn’t eating a proper breakfast or putting thought into preparing her meals which resulted in her reaching for the wrong things when she got hungry. As a working mother of two her time is limited so the flexibility of the online course was perfect for her. She could fit in the 30 minute exercise routines at a time that suited her and because of that she managed to exercise almost every day. Her focus and determination paid off for her and I’m absolutely delighted for her!

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