Róisín’s Story

Weight12st 7lb10st 9lb1 st 12lb

*Measurements are in inches and are taken from one arm and one leg

When Róisín uttered the words ‘I’d really like to get fit again’ in front of me it may have been the sorriest thing she ever said. Róisín was 6 weeks post pregnancy, having given birth to her beautiful baby Conor in January 2015. Róisín is my sister-in-law and she made this statement while we were all casually sitting around my mother’s house one day. What Róisín didn’t realise was that in that same week I had been putting the finishing touches to an online fitness plan specifically for new mothers and I had been contemplating who I might ask to trial my plan. I can be guilty of foot-in-mouth syndrome sometimes and had considered Róisín for trialling my plan but even I have the cop-on not to suggest to a reasonably tired and hormonal new mother that she might want to think about getting fit again! I also tend not to get involved too much with family and friends when it comes to fitness as it can be a recipe for disaster. However when she said it herself I knew she would be perfect for the job!

Róisín’s Story

It was when Róisín moved home to Laois to study having spent a few years working in Dublin that she slowly started to gain weight. While in Dublin she had been very active but once back living in the countryside she learned to drive and was either sitting in the car or sitting at a desk studying.

When she got engaged at Christmas 2012 she had more weight than she was comfortable with and decided she wouldn’t try on any dresses until she lost it. She joined my bootcamp class and started jogging. After losing a stone she decided to start the dress hunt and was lucky to find a stunning one. It was still a little tight so she continued with her exercise and by the time her wedding arrived in November 2013 she had lost 2 stone and was down to a size 8-10. She looked and felt amazing on her big day!

After the buzz of her wedding her weight started to creep up again as she returned to normal life. A second attempt to shed some of the weight ensued. She began jogging again and had an active job where she was on her feet all day. She never enjoyed exercising and always saw it as just a means to an end – move it to lose it.

Róisín’s Story

Fast forward to summer 2014 and Róisín was delighted to find out that she was expecting her first baby. Even though she had good intentions to stay fit and eat healthily tiredness got the better of her and she developed some bad habits with food. Instead of eating foods that would help her to improve her energy levels over a long period of time she found herself reaching for fast foods which would give her an instant boost but leave her lacking again quite quickly.

Thankfully she had an uncomplicated pregnancy and a normal delivery in January 2015. She was over the moon with her new bundle but not so enamored with her new wobbly bits. In total she had gained 3 stone during her pregnancy and could barely fit into a size 14. Then the aforementioned fitness conversation happened. She got the all clear from her doctor to resume exercising but had serious doubts as to whether she could commit to the 12 weeks. She doubted herself but at the same time she wanted the results badly so she resolved to get stuck in, do everything I asked and if it didn’t work the problem was mine!

And so the plan began. The short exercise durations of 30 minutes meant Róisín could put Conor down for a nap, do her workout and be showered and ready for him to wake up within an hour. As advised she made a meal plan for the week from the choices on the list, wrote a shopping list and did a big shop on Saturday or Sunday in preparation for the following week. She was surprised by how much her plan allowed her to eat but even so she decided that unless she needed something for Conor she wouldn’t go inside the doors of a food shop for the rest of the week lest she be tempted to buy something that wasn’t on her plan.

She found the first two weeks very tough and felt foolish jumping around her kitchen doing the prescribed exercises. She felt tired and was more breathless than she had ever been while exercising before her pregnancy and her muscles hurt like hell the day after but by week three things began improving and she was getting to grips with it all. She stuck to the meal plan from Monday to Friday safe in the knowledge that she could have her treats at the weekend. On the odd occasion that she did slip up during the week she’d up the ante with her workouts to balance out the extra intake of food. She started to gain a real understanding of how her body worked in terms of energy in and energy out, what it needed and she found that she didn’t want to ruin her hard work by eating foods that would set her back.

As is real life Róisín had a number of weddings and other social occasions during the 12 week period. Rather than staying away to avoid the obvious temptations she took my advice to stick to her plan all week, do all of her exercise and then relax in the knowledge that she had enough balance in her life now to indulge without guilt. More often than not she ate and drank a lot less than she would have normally as she found her lust for all things bold was just not the same as it had been beforehand.

Róisín’s Story

Her results reflected her commitment. She lost close to 2 stone and the table above shows the inch loss she had from the different areas of her body. She can now fit comfortably into size 12 clothing. The final weeks of her plan coincided with Conor’s christening and as she did on her wedding day she looked and felt great. She never dreamed that she could lose so much and is really confident that she will continue to exercise regularly and eat healthily. She hated exercising before she did the plan and only did it as a weight loss method. She continued to hate it until the final few weeks when it finally clicked for her – something that gave me the greatest joy. She is by no means jumping out of bed in the morning full of enthusiasm to do her workout but she gets what it’s all about now. She knows that exercise is about taking responsibility for her body, how it will help to give her more energy to play with Conor over the coming years and loves how it allows her to indulge now and again when the fancy takes her because she has the power of balance on her side. She feels stronger, more toned, has more energy and will reluctantly admit that she is proud of herself too – all of the things that her plan was designed to achieve!

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