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A lot of the women who come to me for help are very focused on losing weight. Thats’s fine but it’s also refreshing when somebody wants more than just to lose weight. When they want the fabulous feeling of being healthy too. Which is why it was a pleasure to work with Roisin. She was really honest when things weren’t going perfectly but always determined to jump back on the wagon and I’m delighted to have been able to help her head into her 40’s a fitter and healthier woman and mother.

She has a great way with words so who better to write her success story than the lady herself?


For the last few years I’ve been searching for a fitness programme that suits me. Something I can fit in around two small kids and all the other life stuff. I’ve lurched from one thing to another, with varying degrees of success ( actually very little success if I’m honest ). And then through snapchat I met Bríd. And we clicked. I’ve a very low tolerance level for BS and with Bríd there is none of that. Perfect. That’s a great friend to make. The online course came at the right time. Actually, the perfect time. It was 12 weeks finishing up the weekend of my fortieth birthday. We all have reasons for wanting to get fit and mine were simple. I wanted to head into a new decade stronger, fitter and healthier. If I could get into some pre baby clothes then that was a bonus but equipping myself with the strength and fitness levels required to run around after two crazy boys was paramount.

I won’t lie. The food plan scared me. Actually the thought of a food plan scared me. I was a pasta three nights a week kinda gal. I love food. I absolutely love cooking. Previous ‘food plans’ we’re very little to do with the joy of food and more to do with keeping yourself alive. Sorry, but that’s not for me. I wanted a healthy and sustainable diet. Not a fad. I didn’t want to spend my life counting food points. I wanted to cook healthy, tasty food with ingredients that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. And that was the hook for me on the twelve week course. The food is great. There’s flexibility. There are snacks. I actually ate more than I had been eating but it was more of the right stuff.

Bríd knows her stuff. I loved the holistic approach. A 50/50 balance of exercise and good food and it all works. It makes sense. And now, the workouts. I loved them. Halfway through some of them I wanted to cry, I won’t lie. But once they were done and those stretches were finished I felt fantastic. I was able to do the workouts in the morning while the baby napped and the four year old was in play school. I could always find time to do them and if, for some reason, I couldn’t well I just worked harder the next day. They became addictive in that if I didn’t do them I missed the post workout buzz. I needed a life change. I got it. I’m healthier now than I have ever been in my life. Seriously. And the best bit? Well Bríd encourages you to live your life to the full. Go to the parties. Have your treats. But work hard. Nothing good ever came too easy and the sense of achievement when you see the inches go down and the tone in your arms and some definition on your tummy can not be beaten. I don’t weigh myself. Ever. Even when pregnant I never weighed myself. I have been tracking my progress by measuring my arms, waist, tummy, hips and thighs. And yes. It’s all down. I’ve a way to go.. Because this is a lifetime thing. And it’s changed my life for the better.

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