Karen’s Results:

Weight: – exactly 1 stone
Arm: -3 inches
Waist: -5 inches
Stomach: -4 inches
Hips: -6 inches
Thigh: -4 inches

When your job is related to something in the bridal industry you really feel the pressure when it comes to your own big day. When I was getting married I was conscious that people might be looking at what sort of shape I was in and in fairness with the dress I chose I wasn’t exactly hiding it. Fitness is my thing and so I wanted to show that I practice what I preach. What is most certainly not my thing is flawless makeup and so I turned to an expert in that field to look after me on my wedding day and was very lucky to have been able to book the lovely Karen Maher. She is an absolute professional at what she does and despite the fact that I was suffering from a break out she worked her magic and nobody would ever have guessed.

So it was my pleasure when it came to Karen’s turn to get married to have her on my online course and to help her get into her dream shape for her big day. And that she did. Karen was open with me about her struggle to maintain a healthy routine. Her work schedule isn’t consistent and she’s on the go a lot of the time. However she didn’t want that to stop her from feeling a million dollars on the day and she didn’t hold back in her efforts. Like Orlaith in my previous bridal post Karen has a busy social schedule but with the flexibility my course offers she was able to have her nights out without it ruining all of her good effort. Karen chose a timeless, elegant wedding dress for her wedding day, a classic style with off the shoulder detail showing off her collar bone, her dress was fitted on top & nipped in at the waist with beautiful full skirt to float around in for the day. It was an absolute pleasure to help Karen and I wish her and her new husband Niall the very best for the future.

You can find all of the details for my Get Set For Summer course starting on April 25th here.

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Bríd x