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Being a new mother is hard work! I don’t think anyone would deny that. Even surrounded by family and with my husband working only an hour from home I found it tough going. So when I got chatting to Elaine about her situation I was in awe. Like many other young Irish people Elaine and her partner Martin headed down under in 2011. They came home to Ireland to get married but returned to Perth and in April 2015 Elaine gave birth to baby Éabha. While she was lucky enough to have her family come visit her for her daughters arrival it wasn’t long before real life resumed. Her parents had to return to Ireland and Martin had to go back to his job which takes him away from home for 4 weeks at a time, only returning home for a 9 day stay before he has to head off again. So while doing the No Nonsense New Year course Elaine was juggling working and looking after Éabha on her own for the most part. That didn’t stop her from giving it her all. With her busy schedule the flexibility of the course suited her and because the course allows for real life, when Martin was home she was able to relax and have fun, go for dinner and have a few drinks.

Elaine was a great woman for sending me snapchat pictures of her workouts which, like my own, were usually done with a toddler at her feet. She was also great for posting pictures to the private Facebook group of her food preparation and meals and of course she threw in the odd sun-drenched picture at the pool too! It was funny because due to the time difference, while most people were posting pictures of their breakfast, we’d be getting to see what Elaine was having for dinner. While on the course she received her Australian citizenship and now herself, Martin and Éabha are excitedly planning their final return trip to Ireland in July. A very productive year all round for Elaine and I wish her continued success!

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