Caroline’s Story

Weight10st 6.6lb9st 3lb1 st 3lb

*Measurements are in inches and are taken from one arm and one leg

The following story of my time helping Caroline to achieve the body that she wanted is one that inspired me to consider starting online fitness courses. Caroline, like many women out there, knew she had the commitment to do what was necessary to get her body back to the way she was comfortable with it. She wanted to get it done before she had to go back to work and all the madness that goes with that. She didn’t have the time to go out to classes. What she needed was help with an exercise plan she could do at home and a food plan she could fit into her life.

I had the pleasure of working with Caroline in November 2013. She had given birth to her second son in 3 years just six weeks earlier. Before having her sons Caroline’s fitness and weight was up and down. At times it was very good and at other times not so good. Pretty typical of a lot of women in their mid to late 20’s and pre baby days, she would have struggled to find a balance between her social life and fitness. However she was clued in to her body and her diet and so was a great client to work with.

To start with I asked Caroline to get medical clearance. Once she got the go ahead I started to meet her once a week for personal training. She also committed to doing a minimum of two additional home exercise sessions of approximately 30 minutes that I would programme for her weekly.

Caroline’s diet was not particularly bad however she was making the common mistake of not eating enough. I explained to her that not eating enough can be just as bad as overeating as your body becomes unregulated and can end up storing fat for hungry periods rather than being a steady fat burning machine as will happen if you eat little and often with a good muscle store. Taking into account her food likes and dislikes I gave her 3-4 meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks to have in between her meals

In our sessions we concentrated on high intensity interval training, using both circuit and Tabata methods as well as building her body’s muscle mass to improve her strength and increase her fat burning system. We did some bodyweight resistance exercise mixed with some 8-12kg weighted exercises.

Caroline’s dedication to her new diet plan was brilliant and she genuinely did her additional days of exercise even when I wasn’t there to push her. When I was there I pushed her hard and she always gave 100%. This was a woman with a goal and she wasn’t going to be distracted. No mean feat when you have two small children to look after as well. Caroline’s weight and inch loss, muscle gain and increased cardiovascular fitness were absolutely brilliant and a testament to her hard work.

Fit with Bríd can help you. We have designed 12 week online fitness courses that include exercise and food plans to fit easily into your daily life. You can do this in the comfort of your own home. There are a range of options in the food plan and the exercises are adaptable for all fitness levels.