Do you know what I love? Spending money. And do you know what makes spending money even more fun? When you’re spending it on lovely things for your wedding. And do you know what makes it even more fun again? When the spending of the money helps other people. Because the majority of the time when I’m spending money I’m hurting people. Myself and my bank manager mainly. We both get over it eventually but still it’s rare that anyone gets helped by my spending. Which is why the event that I’m writing about today is so fabulous because it allows brides-to-be to spend their little hearts out for a brilliant cause which will help a ridiculous amount of people.

So what is it?

I Do, For Syria and is predominently a sale/auction of pre-loved wedding attire where you can pick up amazing dresses, accessories etc for ridiculously good prices. There are sample dresses from the likes of Myrtle Ivory, Folkster, Smart Brides and Jeutonic as well as dresses from as recent as this year which have been donated by past brides. All of the money raised is going straight to the Irish Red Cross working on the frontline with Syrian refugees. It is the brainchild of Róisín Kelly of the blog How to be an Adult.

I Do For Syria


Can I have a look at the dresses beforehand?

You can indeed. I’ve included a sneak peak at a couple of them below but if you head over to the Facebook page I Do, For Syria you can check out all of the dresses, their details and guide prices.

AoifeBridesmaids dresses


What if I already have my dress or I’m already married? Can I still go?

Eh ye ya can! Firstly the spot prizes are just incredible. There’s so many I could go on forever but included are prizes like:

– a voucher for Hippenings (decor delights for party people)

– a €500 voucher from The Wedding Picture Co.

– a brand new surface tablet from Microsoft!! (I HAVE to win this!)

Some of them are bridal related but some would be great regardless of if you’re getting married or not. On the night, which will be MC’d by Xposé’s Aisling O’Loughlin, there’s going to be a fashion show, makeup artists, hair stylists, bubbly, music, and loads more so it’s going to be a really glam, girlie night out too.

When is it on?

Wednesday 28th of October at 7pm

Where is it on?

House Dublin on Leeson Street


€21.65 and can be purchased here.

You never need an excuse to get your bridal party together for a bit of fun but if you did then this would be the perfect one. Hope to see you there!