It’s been a busy few weeks for me as I’ve been setting up my new online fitness course. It kicked off this week and I have a lovely dedicated crew on board. As well as a balanced diet plan, each week I send them exercise sessions that they can do both in the gym and at home, depending on their preference. While all of the workouts can be done without equipment I have advised them to purchase a few small pieces to help them achieve better results. I decided to share on the blog some of these pieces so that people can see how it’s possible to get fit without spending lots of money or wasting time travelling. As the winter months approach getting outdoors can get harder also. You can spend as little or as much as you want when it comes to home equipment but the suggestions below aren’t very expensive and generally stocked in most big towns as well as online. See the video below for examples of exercises you can do with each piece.

Exercise Mat

Pink Mat

A good, thick exercise mat will never go to waste (not like a big awkward stability ball – anyone else have one of those in the corner of their room doing NOTHING?!). While you can usually pick up a thin mat for next to nothing you’ll pay for it in discomfort. The mat I’m using in the video above is from Physioneeds and costs approximately €50 but you’d nearly sleep on it it’s that comfortable. Similar can be found in Argos but Physioneeds are very fast with delivery. As you can see from the video clip you can pretty much use your mat for anything whether you’re looking to do cardio or resistance exercises.


Pink Dynaband

Untied this is a great piece for arms, shoulders and upper back for both strengthening and stretching. To help work your legs you can tie it up and use in various ways including as shown in the video. I get my dynabands from McSport but locally you can usually get them in the likes of Elverys, TKMaxx or Argos for less than €10. This is also a great little piece of equipment to pack if you’re going be travelling.



This is a very small but versatile piece of equipment which you can see from my video. I have a variety of weights but would use the 8 and 12kg’s most often. I use mine for both cardio and resistance exercise. I get my kettlebells from D8 Fitness in Dublin. Most sports shops supply them now too. Generally the fitness equipment suppliers will be a little cheaper than the sports stores. The average price of an 8kg kettlebell is €30.

You can spend lots of money on machines like a treadmill, stationary bike or crosstrainer but they aren’t necessary as you will see from my videos and I would only advise buying one if you are certain that you will use it and not have it become a clothes horse as often happens. If you’d like to get more information on my next online fitness course please go here and leave your details.

Hope you found this helpful!