Month: February 2016

Fit Mind – Gratitude When I Most Needed It


Practicing gratitude has been the big buzz topic over the past few months. I’ll be honest and say that even though I recognised the merit in it, it didn’t quite click for me. While I understood that you need to be grateful for all that you have in your life in order to appreciate all that you want or think you want it just wasn’t a very helpful tool for me in my day-to-day life. I tried practising it by writing down what I was grateful for each day (as advised by all the gratitude gurus) but that lasted a week and then of course I beat myself up for not sticking with it. I had sort of put myself down as just not a spiritual enough person to really be able to grasp gratitude.


That was until we lost our lovely Lady a few weeks ago. Anyone who knows us knows that she was our first baby and we loved her so much. If you’re not an animal lover you just can’t comprehend how much it is possible to love the life out of your pet but we really did. We got her 8 years ago as a puppy and when she was about a year old we broke up. For the next year we shared her, himself having her Monday to Friday because he had the bigger garden and me having her at the weekends. No joke, we did the half way point drop off and everything. Then one day when she was staying with me she ran out in front of a car. For 24 hours we didn’t know if she was going to make it because she had tyre marks on her stomach and the vet feared that she was bleeding internally. Thankfully she only had a broken leg but it was an awful time and in nursing her back to health we managed to get our shit together and here we are now almost 3 years married with Frankie.

So you’re probably thinking what has gratitude got to do with this? Didn’t the dog die?

I used always cry at the very thought of losing Lady and when it did happen those feelings of sadness were ready to overwhem me but something clicked in me when I saw her for the last time and instead of wallowing in the grief and self-pity I started thinking of all the things I could be grateful for. The lovely times we had with her, obviously, but also the fact that she didn’t suffer from a long illness which is something we had always said we’d have hated for her. The fact that we had Frankie before she died was a massive help emotionally as if we hadn’t had him to focus on it would have been harder. Getting to say goodbye to her was also on the list along with lots of other things too.

Gratitude Deepak

Since that gratitude came to me it seems to be sticking around. I’m finding I’m able to turn my thought process around a lot over the past few weeks and I really hope it lasts because it makes for a much happier mind, a fitter mind I suppose. I know it’s not easy for everyone to really get on board with the concept of gratitude but now that I have I’d love to be able to spread it around. It certainly doesn’t make every minute of every day perfect but it does help. So I just thought I’d share that little insight with you all and hopefully it helps someone else even in a small way.


Pregnancy Posture & Stretches

Pregnancy Posture Pic

Growing and carrying a new little person is hard work and often results in musclar imbalances within the body which can cause soreness, stiffness and general discomfort. As if a pregnant woman hasn’t enough to worry about with feeling tired and a little anxious too. The weight of a pregnant woman’s bump causes a shift in posture and the following can often happen:

  • Hips tilt forward as the bump grows outwards
  • An increased curve in the lower back, known as Lordosis, happens as a result
  • The hip flexor muscles (joining the front of your thighs to your hip area) can then feel tight and the glutes (bum) become weak and stretched
  • If there is an increase in the size and weight of the breasts the shoulders can become rounded, known as Kyphosis
  • Head tilts forward as a result

Pregnancy Pilates and Yoga classes can help to address these imbalances and alleviate the discomfort felt. Pregnant women who sit a lot for work should ensure that they have an ergonomic workstation (set up correctly and specifically for their needs) and that they take regular breaks to stand up, walk around and stretch.

I’ve put together a short video clip of stretches that can help. Practice as often as possible, holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds while taking deep breaths. Be careful not to push too deeply into each stretch as the hormone Relaxin is present in a pregnant woman’s body and can result in soften ligaments and joints. These stretches can also be helpful post pregnancy when these areas are still feeling the effects.

Hope you find this helpful,